The Shower is a creative and eye-catching intervention on the central plaza of Life Hub @ Daning for the joy and entertainment of kids, families and youngsters. A platform to foster social interactions and quality time outdoor during the summer months.

The Shower is a public space project that offers an alternative to the traditional concept of plaza, catalyzing social dynamics and activating urban spaces. It’s inspired by summer elements that could bring some freshness to the plaza, such as sea, water splash, summer breeze, surfing and summer lifestyle in general.

To create that summer environmental narrative, they designed a multifunctional platform with the iconic shapes of waves, based on different stripes waving up & down which generate a series of spaces for playing, for climbing up or sliding down, for sitting and laying down to have a break from the buzzy life, etc…

To enhance the water narrative, they created a playful orange water pipe ending with a huge shower faucet splashing water to the center of the installation, which gives the illusion that water runs through the pipe.

As could not be otherwise, the color palette of the installation ranges in four different shades of marine blue, a very summery color palette to better represent the waves feeling. The shades of blue are contrasting with the vivid orange of the water pipe and the shower, so they can enhance each other by contrast.

The multifunctional installation counts with a waving amphitheater directly facing the stage on the other side of the plaza, climbing ropes, a wide communal slide for several people to enjoy it simultaneously, a surfing selfie spot, a pipe tunnel, and some games as floor graphics for kids to interact with the surfaces.

Since most people won’t be able to travel this summer to seaside destinations due to the current known circumstances of the pandemic, The Shower will surely bring a piece of summer to Shanghai.

Project details

Design: 100architects
Project Location: Daning Road, Jing’An District, Shanghai, China
Typology: Playground
Built: 2020
Design Team: Marcial Jesús, Javier González, Lara Broglio, Keith Gong, Cosima Jiang, Ginger Huang
Built area: 350 m2
Production: Hong Yang Advertising
Client: Life Hub @ Daning, (Chongbang Group)
Photo credits: © Marcos Romano



100architects is an architecture studio that does not make buildings (at least not in the conventional way), but focuses on public spaces and spaces for entertainment of all kinds and variations. A team of young creative architects who focus their work at the intersection of placemaking, street art, landscape architecture and urban interventions, specialising in street architecture and urban interventions, both ephemeral and permanent architectural objects that encourage the occurrence of social dynamics and unique experiences, creating landmarks on a human scale. 100 is a professional studio founded in 2013 in Shanghai and is currently led by 3 partners – Marcial Jesus (Chile), Javier Gonzalez (Spain) and Jenny Fan (China).