About us

LANDSCAPE FIRST is a company founded in 2021 by two Landscape Architects Marta Buoro and Gaël Glaudel. Born as a research project started in 2018 by Professor Enrico Falqui together with a group of students and PhD students in Landscape Architecture, today LANDSCAPE FIRST is an online platform that carries out a precise cultural challenge: to show the different facets that landscape can take on and the opportunities it offers us to improve the quality of life of communities and individuals.

What we do

Our dissemination mission is carried out through our website and social platforms, which are the world’s most popular for views. We regularly publish original projects and content selected by our editorial team, either through extensive research or through content submitted to us by professionals. We support those who operate in the transformation of cities and the territory, from public to private entities, promoting reuse operations, care of public spaces and urban spaces, active citizenship practices and social inclusion projects.


We publish projects, articles and disseminate events and competitions related to landscape architecture, urban and territorial regeneration and civic arts. We offer strategic consultancy and communication campaigns for companies, institutions and associations active in these cultural fields, we organize and collaborate on the implementation and marketing of cultural dissemination activities and participatory processes.


The landscape and artistic curiosity of the Landscape First team is insatiable. The result is a vast global overview, updated very regularly. Their publications make me discover projects that are often unexpected and very varied.

Gilles Brusset

Landscape Architect and Artist

Parks and gardens have never been more important than in recent years. They have become one of the main places of nostalgia and natural conservation. Landscape First is committed to transmitting and disseminating these new cultural places, parks and gardens that are the visiting card of every place, city and nation.

Kamel Louafi

Landscape architect and Artist

Landscape First is striking for its ability to investigate and disseminate, with a secular and ever broader gaze, the multiple panorama of contemporary landscape design. A generous and useful, non-institutional action, which is both an update for scholars and a knowledge base for everyone.

Fabio Di Carlo

Professor Sapienza University of Rome, IASLA President

Landscape first is one of the most relevant landscape webzine. Always source of inspiring projects, with extensive text descriptions and proper credits.

Angelo Renna


Landscape First, open to the most interdisciplinary forms of the contemporary landscape, represents an inexhaustible source of inspiration for everyone, especially for us landscape architects. I am particularly grateful for the attention dedicated to us Italian professionals.

Patrizia Pozzi

Landscape architect

I really appreciate Landscape First because it allows me to discover beautiful landscape architecture projects, realized all over the world. The editorial staff carries out an important and constant job of projects selection, guaranteeing the quality of the publication.

Enrico Sassi


In the ever-changing field of architecture and landscape web magazines, Landscape First shows particular curatorship in the editorial choices with attention to small and large scale both with interesting articles from the editorial staff and with the publication of innovative projects or those particularly attentive to design and context. On the website and the social pages they manage to propose quality ideas and projects without a particular closure towards disciplinary approaches, leaving the reader the freedom of interpretation and reading.

Alessandro Trivelli

Arch. PhD - Partner and founder of SDARCH

From local to global, from particular to complexity, from intangible to tangible, Landscape First proposes a journey through different geographies and mind-ecologies that suggest a close dialogue with our territories. Landscape First displays different ways of understanding, valuing, and intervening our landscapes. How to dialogue and coexist with them. Through a broad panorama and diverse voices, LF shares with us significant contemporary examples of how, by incorporating nature-based strategies and a sense of collectivity, it is possible to intervene positively and sensitively in our landscapes. Examples of how to move aside the role of centrality as human beings to recognize ourselves as a small part of the planet -flora, fauna, climate, geography, geology. Through a wide overview, the platform disseminates how, by joining ideas and efforts, it is possible to rethink our discipline and reimagine new ways of coexistence, improving our cultural and natural environments.

Ivan Juarez | x-studio

Landscape architect and Artist