Journeys, interviews and unprecedented explorations to discover new perspectives.

Agricultural Sanctuary

A land art work conceived and created by Gaël Glaudel for Landscape First, commissioned by the Municipality of Grosotto, Italy. The work embarks on a path of enhancement of the Copper Age’s rock engravings present in the municipal area. A tribute to the archeology, agriculture, art and culture of a territory.

Landscape Interviews

Interview with Johanna Gibbons and Neil Davidsons of J&LGibbons Studio (London), conducted in 2016 on the occasion of the international conference series ‘Open Session on Landscape’.

Botanica Temporanea, Manifattura Tabacchi Firenze

Botanica Temporanea is an exhibition-laboratory curated by Antonio Perazzi for the Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence (Italy). The intervention is based on the philosophy of low maintenance gardens that emerge spontaneously in the urban environment, capable of improving the quality of life and redeveloping the landscape. The exhibition will be open to the public from June 18th to September 19th. Here is a short sneak peak!

Interno Verde 2020

A walk through the gardens, courtyards, landscapes of Ferrara, on the occasion of Interno Verde, Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 September 2020.
Two days dedicated to the curious, to those who in front of a closed door begin to dream of the gardens they cannot see.

Getting lost in Masone Labyrinth

Masone Labyrinth is a cultural park built near Fontanellato, in the province of Parma. It extends for seven hectares and includes a labyrinth made of bamboos of different species (the largest in the world of this kind) and spaces hosting Franco Maria Ricci’s art collection and his publishing house. The labyrinth was designed by Parma-based publisher and designer Franco Maria Ricci, who worked with architects Pier Carlo Bontempi and Davide Dutto. The labyrinth has a star-shaped perimeter and, in addition to the classic right angles and the subdivision into districts, it is inspired by the classic form of the Roman labyrinth and has small traps, forks and dead ends, all in an area of 8 hectares in which to get lost inside a large maze of 20,000 bamboos of 20 different species, from dwarf to giant ones, whose height ranges from 30 centimeters to 15 meters.

Onirical Rhapsody at La Fondation Maeght

La Fondation Maeght is not a museum. It was born from the desire for a place in which Aimé and Marguerite Maeght could present modern and contemporary art in all its forms; and where their artist friends could visit to create and exchange ideas as much as to exhibit work. Sert created La Fondation hand in hand with the Maeghts, Miró and a number of artists, who gave life to some of its main features: the sculpture garden entrance; the Giacometti Court; buildings wrapped around patios; a bell tower for the chapel and a home studio. Architect Josep Lluís Sert designed a vast and impressive studio for his friend and fellow Catalan, the surrealist artist Joan Miró, in Palma de Mallorca in the 1950s. It was this sculpture-like architecture that led Aimé Maeght, Miró’s gallerist and editor since 1947, to entrust his major project to Sert: the creation of the first private foundation dedicated to the visual arts in Europe.

Music: Victoria Darian & Alexei Kalinkin – Rabota