In the courtyard of a residential district on Zelenа street in Lviv, the mood of wild thickets and urban design of landscaping elements are combined. Here grow mainly perennial grasses, astilbes, sage, aquilegia and shrubs that have the property of being evergreen: laurel and privet.

Plane trees were planted as a species that allows a quick shading canopy to develop, which is needed near recreational activities and children’s playgrounds, and maples, closer to the houses, form the front of pedestrian alleys.

The courtyard also has one of the first atypical playgrounds with swing nests and climbing equipment for older children. Although the yard area is not very large, it is full of various activities, interesting for the leisure of residents.

Project details

Design: Urbanideas
Project Location: Zelena street 204, Lviv, Ukraine
Typology: Public space, urban design
Design year: 2020
Built: 2020
Architecture: Vatman Studio, Archo-groups | Kvadr Group
Manufacturer of urban equipment: Street Comfort
Manufacturer of playground equipment: Hip park
Awards: National Award for Landscape Architecture and Garden Design of Ukraine 2021 in the nomination “The best realized object of public space” in the category “design of residential areas”



Urbanideas is an architectural studio operating in Lviv, Ukraine since 2011. It is headed by two architects, Olha Kryvoruchko and Valentyn Sharovatov, both graduated from the Lviv Polytechnic National University. The studio works on architectural, urban planning, landscape and research projects. Both co-founders combine their professional activities with teaching and cultural activities in the field of urban interventions. The design approach is based on a special attention to details and their importance in everyday human life, as well as a sensual attitude to the urban space and its multi-layered and multicultural nature.