Wu zen skate garden

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This private project was created as an idea of a small urban space  implemented in a garden.

 The elements and solutions are intended to show how similar projects can be created precisely in urban spaces; their simplicity, low cost and connection, can serve as such a multifunctional space of a small town.

In the place where the project was implemented, there were already grown trees, which were later supplemented with new plantings, so in summer a pleasant microclimate and shade are created, so as to have the idea of ​​a small city park.

Granite elements belonging to the sphere of skateboarding are here articulated for activity and rest, with the concept of the zen element materialized in the Wu Tang symbol. The surfaces used are granite tiles with a thickness of 60 mm, positioned in combination with concrete flooring of the same thickness; the walls are made of concrete blocks and bricks (manufactured by Presbeton Nova s.r.o.).

The street elements and the material used, such as granite from domestic quarries (Kamenná, Mrákotín, Lipnice nad Sázavou), are the highest quality than can be found in skateboarding field and in urban spaces.

The design is based on renowned world skate spots, including accessories such as a chess piece (Philadelphia Municipal), a bowl (Pullaski Plaza Washington), the LOVE sign (defunct skate spot Love Park Philadelphia).

Project details

Design: David Grygárek
Project Location: Olomouc Region, Czech Republic
Typology: Private garden
Design year: 2021
Built: 2021-2023
Construction: Presbeton Nova s.r.o., David Grygárek
Photo credits: © Admiralos production, David Grygárek

David Grygárek

David Grygárek

David Grygárek is an artist, skateboarder and designer. As a designer is working for a Czech manufacturer of concrete paving stones, blocks and landscape elements (Presbeton Nova ,s.r.o.).