VIVAI DIFFUSI Guided Walk with Brianna Ruland and Stefano Modini

When: May 20th 2023
Where: Chiasso, Switzerland
Website: Vivai Diffusi

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​VIVAI DIFFUSI is a project to raise awareness of the role of urban greenery for the redevelopment of public space with a view to ecological transition.

It is part of tactical urbanism and land art initiatives, highlighting the architectural quality of trees and their potential to give identity to space while improving its quality. The concept of urban greenery proposed by VIVAI DIFFUSI goes beyond its purely decorative function to promote its development as an urban infrastructure, capable of building a network of interconnections, thus favouring slow mobility and the spread of biodiversity.

The project is the brainchild of architect Felicia Lamanuzzi, with the intention of investigating possible forms of dialogue between nature and urban space, aiming to improve the quality of life. Thanks to temporary installations of potted trees that, as in nurseries, are intended for permanent planting, it helps to imagine urban regeneration with concrete examples.

On the occasion of the Nature Festival, four urban walks open to all have been organised, which with the participation of professionals in the fields of mobility, town planning, landscape and botany will help to better understand the benefits of biodiversity in the city and new possible imaginations for the city of the future.

Stefano Modini and Brianna Ruland will guide to the discovery of the potential of secret gardens in our daily lives and the many benefits of permaculture.

The guided walk is open to all. Appointment at 10 a.m. at the m.a.x. in Chiasso