The Unbound is an award winning, adventurous city escape in the “Tuinen van West” at the edge of Amsterdam. A natural wilderness, programmed with wellness facilities, giving room to luxurious lodges and an exclusive hotel.
Felixx created a lush natural environment, by diversifying the topography: a pond, wetlands and hills. This generates conditions for diverse types of vegetation, organically structuring the area in different rooms. The adventurous site is equipped for various uses, entertaining guests and visitors.

A large tree marks the entrance that leads to the hotel, situated next to a small lake. Sauna and canoeing facilities are located in the water, separated by a bridge which connects the hotel to the lodge forest. Different tiny houses are centered around a community building, providing optimal privacy on the individual terraces. The park continues into the wellness forest, where you can find the amphitheatre and an elevated yoga field.

A set of pathways connects the whole area and leads to the event field. This intimate and enclosed location is suitable for weddings or temporary festivals. The adjacent playing area is an exciting site filled with play elements for the younger visitors. The vegetable garden offers an orchard experience and provides healthy food for the hotel restaurant.

The overall area of The Unbound Amsterdam wellness resort in “Tuinen van West” is a place where visitors can go to relax, exercise or entertain themselves. An elusive experience for both tourists and locals, a city retreat in a natural wilderness.

Project details

Design: Felixx
Project Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Typology: Masterplan, public space, urban nature
Built: 2018-2020
Area: 4.9 ha
Client: Steengoed
Collaborators: Steengoed, Freelodge, Studio Appelo, Dorens Architects, Flora Nova
Photo credits: © SYMMEDIA / Michel Claus / Felixx

Felixx Landscape Architects and Planners

Felixx Landscape Architects and Planners

Felixx Landscape Architects and Planners is a Rotterdam-based office for proactive landscape architecture founded in 2014. Felixx believes a better world requires a better organization of our environment. The studio is specializez in addressing urgent global challenges with locally embedded design solutions. Their work has a broad international scope and their projects range from spatial research, landscape transformation strategies and masterplans, to public space and product design. The office is named after Felixx – an invented fictional character. A modest hero, Felixx travels the world looking for opportunities to realize happy environments.