Stella Plage Skate Park

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In 2022, landscape and urban planning studio Espace Libre delivered a skate park perfectly integrated into the urban and landscaped development of Stella Plage in Cucq (Pas-de-Calais).

Between Place de l’Étoile and the seafront, the new 2,900 m2 facility is part of the wider development of Stella Plage: redesign of Place de l’Etoile, creation of ecological corridors along the Cours des Champs Elysées, and a housing program between Place de l’Etoile and the seafront. This area also includes the seafront, a residential neighborhood to the south of the skate park, adjacent streets that connect to the great landscape of the dunes, a parking lot… The new facility is located at the exact crossroads of all these programs.

The agency therefore conceived the space as a park in continuity with the peripheral facilities, including a mini climbing wall and a basketball hoop, with an imaginary sea and dunes having shaped the suppleness of the concrete curves.

Open to scooters, skateboards, bicycles, rollerblades and other gliding enthusiasts, the public facility is not fenced off (even though users have to respect opening hours) and its design allows everyone to roam freely.

Delivered in April 2022, a landscape project as much as an architectural one, the Cucq skate park has taken on its full meaning a year later, the plants having found success and the lovers of exhilarating sensations having resolutely appropriated the track.

Project details

Design: Espace Libre
Project Location: Cucq, France
Typology: Skate park
Built: 2022
Area: 2,900 m2
Budget: 350,000 €
Client: Cucq Municipality
Drawings: © Espace Libre
Photo credits: © Julien Falsimagne

Espace Libre

Espace Libre

Espace Libre is a landscape studies office founded in 1990. The agency initially had a strong technical vocation. It subsequently developed its skills in design, in particular under the leadership of Maxime Saïsse, director of the company since July 2009. Espace Libre is today a landscape and town planning workshop whose skills cover areas of development varied: urban redevelopment, infrastructure and roads, cycle paths, walks, parks and gardens, playgrounds and sports grounds. The team ensures both design, project management and site monitoring. The landscape workshop has a diversified experience which gives it great versatility and adaptation.