Seahorse is a water park designed for the public space of a new residential compound built in Chongqing (China). The communal public areas of the compound count with a swimming pool area for residents, which is complemented with this water playscape for kids, with the aim of fostering entertainment & social interactions among resident kids.

Following with the themed series of Horse playgrounds from the client, they commissioned this new playscape with the particular request that this one had to include water features in it. When relating the Horse theme park and the water features, it was obvious that the twist of this project had to be a Sea Horse approach, the Horse of the water realm.

Therefore, the water park features a main sunken wet area in the shape of a Sea Horse, which can be understood not only from a pedestrian point of view within the playscape, but also from all the surrounding residential towers.

As main wet area, the Sea Horse sunken platform hosts the big majority of water features, customized in the same color palette, and sprinkling water towards the interior of that sunken wet platform.

The surrounding areas of the Sea Horse are treated in a contrasting striped color palette, defining a dry play area which contains dry playful features in order to make the playscape usable & playable also during winter months. Those dry playful features are designed in a circular shape, mimicking water ripples of activity.

The resulting image is a colorful and eye-catching playscape, which includes playing features for kids as well as shaded seating features for adults, visible from all the residential towers surrounding the central public space.

Project details

Design: 100architects
Project Location: Pingjiaqiao Road 36, Chongqing, China
Typology: Playground
Built: 2019
Design Team: Marcial Jesús, Javier González, Lara Broglio, Mónica Páez, Keith Gong
Area: 440 m2
Construction: Dongyuan Group
Client: Dongyuan Group
Photo credits: © Amey Kandalgaonkar



100architects is an architecture studio that does not make buildings (at least not in the conventional way), but focuses on public spaces and spaces for entertainment of all kinds and variations. A team of young creative architects who focus their work at the intersection of placemaking, street art, landscape architecture and urban interventions, specialising in street architecture and urban interventions, both ephemeral and permanent architectural objects that encourage the occurrence of social dynamics and unique experiences, creating landmarks on a human scale. 100 is a professional studio founded in 2013 in Shanghai and is currently led by 3 partners – Marcial Jesus (Chile), Javier Gonzalez (Spain) and Jenny Fan (China).