Place Gambetta

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West 8, together with Landscape architect Sabine Haristoy, have redesigned the historic plaza and lush garden of Place Gambetta. The renovated square provides the public with a newly rejuvenated, vibrant and green environment in the heart of Bordeaux. The project is a synthesis of quality green space, urban infrastructure, heritage and craftsmanship.

Previously overwhelmed with heavy traffic flow, the project has improved the accessibility of the square by relocating vehicles and providing a generous space for bikes and pedestrians. Framing the square with a dappled canopy, the new design preserves existing centenary trees and introduces a variety of over fifty new trees.

Limestone is the dominant material of the project, complementing the 18th-century façades of the surrounding buildings. A new fountain, dedicated to the medieval French queen Eleonore D’Aquitaine, creates a natural meeting point within the central English Garden.

West 8 began working on Place Gambetta after winning the design competition in 2016. After two years of construction, the park was opened early 2021.

Project details

Design: West 8
Project Location: Bordeaux, France
Typology: Public square, urban design
Built: 2016-2021
Partners: Sabine Haristoy, Cetab
Client: City of Bordeaux
Photo credtis: © Jean-Maurice Chacun

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