Paesaggio: progetti fra Uomo e Terra

When: February 25th 2022, 9 pm
Where: Sala Consiliare, Piazza Mazzini – Besnate

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Filosofarti is the philosophy festival in the province of Varese. Its challenge is to allow everyone, from children to adults, from experts to the simply curious, to engage with philosophical reflection and to do so through interactive and innovative methods without distorting the complexity of the theory.

The theme for 2022 is “Legacy, making the future”. In this context, Landscape Architect Marta Buoro will give a lecture entitled “Landscape: a project between Man and Earth”. Through a study of the etymology of the word landscape and a photographic journey through the different eras, we will discover how the landscape transforms and evolves every time the structure of society changes, culminating in contemporary landscape, a garden without borders.