The installation ORNAMENTO by Antonella de Nisco (LAAI) in the city centre ideally links the two exhibition venues of the exhibition “WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD. La lunga storia dell’Ornamento tra arte e natura”, Palazzo Magnani – Chiostri di San Pietro, defining a punctiform itinerary of textile works on an urban scale in single isolated letters.

Visitors passing between the two places can follow the logic of the threads woven, knotted, wrapped, decorated, sewn. Taxonomy of urban decoration in a textile version: drawing in the air, banner, rhizome, tapestry, hanging clothes.

Urban letterheads, possible beginnings of stories, tales in the belly of the city, poetic-concrete incipits among the alleys, trees and bodies of water.

Signals to look for, clues to follow, goals and departures, monuments of finely sewn fabrics to raise our eyes towards the high edges of urban space.

To be on top of a warp that outlines the plan: our wandering between places creates other weaves, weaves on the warp.

Mirror letters for lasting surprises, germinations.

The two O’s in subtle, colourful textile samplings, wrapped in suspended double spirals; sound design in mid-air, onomatopoeia of wonder: ooornamentooo!

  • R of rhizome incorporating a living trunk: R with Reggian Root
  • T with a tall, finely woven body and a tail that dances, tango, twist, tarantella
  • A, woven triangle with edges that come alive on windy days
  • M, regal, Mama, Mare, Matilde, Monte, Mercato, Merry
  • N, E, hanging like a rotated zeta, a coloured comb gently swaying


O fragments of textile samples (80’s/90’s), woven/stitched on spiral iron rod structure
R metal structure with textile interventions in coloured cotton jersey, interwoven with canvas weave
N electrowelded wire mesh structure with textile interventions in coloured cotton jersey interwoven with woven fabric reinforcement
A metal structure with satin textiles and samples of silk fabrics (80s/90s) sewn and woven with canvas weave
M wooden slat structure with samples of printed silk fabrics (80s/90s) sewn together and woven with a canvas weave
E electrowelded wire mesh structure with textile interventions in coloured cotton jersey interwoven with canvas weave
N structure in electrowelded wire mesh with textile interventions in silk taffeta/knitted woven with a canvass/canvas weave
T electro-welded wire mesh structure with textile interventions in sewn and woven coloured taffeta/silk taffeta with a cinnamon/canvas weave
O fragments of textile samples (80s/90s), woven and sewn onto a spiral-shaped iron rod structure

Project details

Design: Antonella De Nisco
Project Location: Reggio Emilia, Italy
Typology: Urban installation
Built: 2019
Collaborator: Giorgio Teggi (LAAI)
Photo credits: © Antonella De Nisco

Antonella De Nisco

Antonella De Nisco

Antonella De Nisco was born in Bassano del Grappa and lives in Reggio Emilia. Artist and teacher of art history, she combines exhibition activities with collaborations in projects, installations, events, lectures and publications. Since 2010 she has collaborated with the Emilio Sereni Landscape Summer School (Gattatico) in the creation of thematic installations, in-depth workshops and didactic research. Since many years she collaborates with schools, municipalities, museums, theaters, intervening with exhibitions and sit-specific installations in the natural places of gardens, parks, both in urban / museum places and in marginal areas.