On the fire side

When: February 17th – 23rd – 24th 2023
Where: Spazi Bomben, Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche, via Cornarotta 7, Treviso, Italy (and online)
Website: Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche

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February 23rd and 24th 2023, after two editions held online, the International Landscape Study Days, organized by the Benetton Studi Ricerche Foundation, return in person to Treviso, an event that constitutes the main moment of reflection and public discussion on the Foundation researchs on the themes of landscape and the care of places. This two days will be introduced on February 17th by an online preview.

This nineteenth edition, scheduled in the auditorium of the spazi Bomben, and streamed on the Foundation’s social channels, will revolve around the word “fire” and the important role that this element has always played, and still plays, in the management, care and renewal of the landscape, but also to its constant and fundamental presence in human life, with respect to its presence in the rites, in the traditional practices, in the inventions that accompany our culture.

On the fire side. Rites, visions, cultivation practices in the landscape is in fact the theme of the 2023 conference, whose program, curated by Luigi Latini, director of the Benetton Foundation and professor of Landscape Architecture at the Iuav University of Venice, and by Simonetta Zanon, head of landscape research and projects of the Benetton Foundation, will be divided into four sessions: Rites and representations, Paradoxes, Under the volcano, Cultivations, which will involve about fifteen professionals, scholars, Italian and foreign experts of various disciplines: from anthropology to philosophy, from volcanology to forest management, from landscape architecture to botany, from physical geography to art.

The days will be preceded on February 17th by the online preview conference Cultivated by Fire by the award-winning Australian landscape architect, urban designer and artist Kate Cullity, who will present some of her projects in which the element “fire” has played a leading role in the conception and implementation.

The curators Luigi Latini and Simonetta Zanon explain: “At a time when fires of unimaginable size and intensity only a few years ago are flaring up all over the world and seem to herald an imminent Apocalypse, it is now evident how, paradoxically, the most violent ones are caused also from the absence of all those fires, natural or anthropogenic, however controlled, to which the landscapes had adapted, and from the consequent ecological degradation accompanied by an immeasurable accumulation of combustible material. Similarly, spectacular and destructive volcanic eruptions affect more and more inhabited areas, blocking the activities of entire regions and endangering the lives of many people.

In this scenario, in which once again it is human behavior that proves to be problematic, it is necessary to replace the fire in the discussion on the future of the Earth, assuming a new approach based on an idea of ​​coexistence and not on forms of opposition. In fact, fire constitutes an element that it is unimaginable to exclude from our living environment; it is therefore necessary to promote this closeness in terms of design visions and landscape care capable of taking its ecology into account, of knowing how to recover traditional knowledge and practices in an inventive way, of being courageous in replacing fossil fuels with other sources of energy. In this sense, a new gaze is necessary which can mature through dialogue with the world of natural and human sciences, and the arts”.

Information: Free admission. For participation, registration is required through the online forms published on the social channels and on the website for the various events, in particular for the preview conference (February 17th) which will take place on Zoom, with simultaneous translation in Italian and English; for the two days of February 23rd and 24th which will take place at the headquarters of the Foundation, with simultaneous Italian / English translation, and for the screening of the film (February 23rd), which will take place at the headquarters of the Foundation, but for which it will also be possible a limited number of viewings in streaming from the Vimeo channel.