Natura Futura – Workshop in Grosotto

When: July 25th – 28th / August 1st – 4th – 8th – 11th 2022
Hours: 2 pm – 4 pm (children) / 4 pm – 6 pm (adults)
Where: Località Prati di Punta, Grosotto, Italy
Single laboratory cost: 10 euro (children) / 20 euro (adults)
Registration: / +39 3406757411


Landscape First, in collaboration with the Municipality of Grosotto, Pro Loco Grosotto, Istituto comprensivo Grosio Grosotto Sondalo and Athena SCARL, proposes a series of meetings for children (from 6 years), teenagers and adults, which place the accent on environmental issues, on natural processes and on the development of creativity.

The thematic workshop consists of 6 distinct laboratory, 2 hours each. Each laboratory will focus on a specific variation of natural aspects, providing a brief theoretical introduction and a practical part, during which artifacts of different nature will be created, proposing the use of ecological, sustainable or recycled materials.

The workshop will converge, thanks to the contributions of each individual meeting, in the conception and realization of a small environmental work of art parallel to the one that will be created in the summer in Grosotto.

The meetings, carried on in different ways relevant to adults and children, will be held starting from July 25th 2022. The hours for children are from 2 pm to 4 pm, for adults from 4 pm to 6 pm.

Registration is by e-mail, at; for information, the telephone contact +39 3406757411 is also available.

Each workshop costs 10 euros for children, 20 euros for adults. The cost includes the necessary materials that will be provided on site. Payment of the registration fee can be made by bank transfer to the bank account of the Municipality of Grosotto IBAN IT22G0569652170000002248X30, inserting as a reason: creative laboratory of (indicate date/s), or it can be made online using the following methods:

Payment Regione Lombardia

Payment Comune di Grosotto

July 25th 2022 – Kokedama!
The essence of nature in a casket of moss. The kokedama, a new plant art from Japan, arises from the encounter between multiple ancestral arts and a passion for nature. We’ll experiment with the use of plant and mineral materials to build our kokedama, bringing a breath of green and the Orient to our homes.

July 28th 2022 – Green Explosion! / Landscapes in a Bottle
Explosions of green, floral, delicate. Discovering how nature reclaims its spaces, we’ll create “seed bombs” together, the most peaceful means of expanding the power of vegetation. Once made, we’ll throw them to allow the plants to grow and cover the concrete, unleashing their true potential in the city. / Creating a terrarium is a bit like designing a small world in miniature. Vegetation, setting, characters, everything can happen in a bottle. By recycling bottles and with a little soil, a plant and a lot of imagination, we can create incredible landscapes, combining the ecology of plant growth with fantasy.

August 1st 2022 – Fantastic Botany
The plant world offers many opportunities for curiosity, fun and interest. Starting right from the “folies” of flora, we make our very personal plants with a simple and recycled artistic medium, papier-mâché, indulging ourselves with the imagination to interpret what nature already offers us.

August 4th 2022 – A Home for Insects
Making a bug hotel is simple, we just need recycled materials, patience and a lot of imagination. Wood, broken bricks, small twigs, straw and more are the basis for devising a comfortable shelter for the many pollinating and non-pollinating insects that work very important tasks for the well-being of ecological systems. We help biodiversity by helping them, helping us.

August 8th 2022 – The Discovery Herbarium
Herbs, shrubs, leaves, flowers, fruits. How much wonder in the natural world. Let’s find out together through the creation of our personal herbarium, to be consulted, enriched and modified for a long time, not only through the usual methods of collecting and drying the samples, but also through techniques that develop a multisensory approach to nature.

August 11th 2022 – Art & Nature
Land Art, environmental art and public art provide the starting point, together with the previous meetings, for the development and implementation of an artistic project linked to the nature and history of the area. Ecological materials, easy to assemble in complete safety, will be the physical support to channel imagination and creativity.