Mixed Use Urban Scheme Development

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The project consist in the creation of a scheme that features administrative offices, shopping & dining areas, concessions and cultural/educational facilities envisioning the project being active throughout day and night.
The design proposal reasserts the project as a dynamic living platform that animates the urban center of Cairo.
A premiere location for retail, offices, dining, entertainment, and residences calls for a central square that enhances the district’s emerging position within a greater social, political, environmental and economic context.

The design offers some iconic features, landmark, large outdoor event screens, verdant and comfortable spaces for everyday life.
This new surface enables pedestrian movement, social encounter and views while also greatly increasing the greenery through some vertical elements inside the project as well as lining the perimeter of the project with tree canopying the side walk.
The new mixed use development is considered a project that will bring a new and innovative urban experience to the City of Cairo. Such projects should transform the experience of outdoor retail, administrative offices, and shopping experience being a landmark destination.

In order to achieve the full satisfaction for the project users the concept depends on four main aspects which are learn, shop, entertain, and eat. So the users are going to explore the full experience of a mixed use development.
Sustainability takes place among this project through applying some eco system such as green roof, solar panel applications, electric tram connecting all items of the project, and finally some outdoor furniture such as benches with solar panel provides electricity needed for night lights.