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Located in Blevio, in the heart of Lake Como, the “Mandarin Oriental” Resort covers a total area of about 23.000 square meters and represents a jewel of historical and landscape importance, today characterized by a harmonious blend of Italian style, oriental charm and natural beauty.
The heart of the property, Villa Roccabruna, was built in the 18th century and was the ancient home of the soprano Giuditta Pasta as well as a meeting place for many artists, composers and singers. Among these, the composer Vincenzo Bellini who, helped by the lake landscape of Moltrasio and Blevio, gave life to his masterpiece “Norma”.
They shared with the owners the desire to bring this place back to its former glory, starting immediately with an in-depth preliminary study of the entire area, identifying specific areas of intervention in the second instance with the aim of mending the place to architecture and surrounding landscape, and to create a unique atmosphere. The location and climate immediately suggested the idea of creating a lush tropical atmosphere alternating with floral embroidery of Baroque inspiration, in full respect of place and neoclassical language of the villa.
The landscape project mainly focused on the lake front. Each element enters into relationship and takes on a new image in full respect of the place and its pre-existing features, enhancing its peculiarities and expanding the horizon through visual cones and perspective views.
The plant scenographies that follow one another throughout the area have been designed and studied to enhance one of the most magical places in the whole Lake Como, following the natural light and the changing colours of the lake.
With technical expertise, coping with problems related to insufficient soil due to the presence of underlying slab, where necessary, they have created large cor-ten steel rings as containers for the largest specimens of palm trees. These rings, in addition to solving planting problems, have contributed to the creation of a new language capable of adding character and identity to the project. The constraint has become an opportunity.
The botanical choices and the different compositional solutions used interpret the site by creating a picture in continuous movement in which the rhythm is dictated by the palm trees that follow one another throughout the Resort, lapped at the base with refined and elegant blooms. The extensive flowered spots are made up of numerous varieties of different essences with light tone and soft colours that create a magical atmosphere in continuity with the surrounding landscape.
The refined colours vary from the pink tones of various perennial herbaceous plants to the pure white of hydrangeas with green and golden inserts of palms and grasses.
At dusk, the golden light of sun tinges palm trees and blooms that stand out against the changing sky and dance in the wind. The romantic setting of the lake, the majestic hills and the splendid landscape aspects are an ideal scenery for guests to enjoy moments of escape and relaxation.

Project details

Design: Patrizia Pozzi
Project Location: Blevio, Italy
Typology: Hotel garden
Built: 2019
Area: 23.000 m2
Photo credits: © Stefano Dentice di Accadia

Patrizia Pozzi

Patrizia Pozzi

Much more than an office of landscape architecture, it is an open space towards the street, and thus capable of a continuous exchange between our world of ideas and the outside real life. The office of Patrizia Pozzi is meant to be the expression of a perfect balance between architecture and landscape, including the urban space. The district of Milan where it is placed – Porta Venezia – is one of the most lively and vibrant of the city. The office adsorbs what happens around and gives it back enriched by new vibrant energy, being a natural element in constant growth, mutation and evolution.