Liminal Assembly – Monti Prenestini

When: From June 27th (04:00 PM) until June 30th (06:00 PM) 2024
Where: Piazza S. Pietro, 5-1, 00030 Castel San Pietro Romano (RM)
Website: Liminal

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The Liminal Assembly is an annual four-day gathering that brings together changemakers from around the world to explore innovative ways of interacting with Italy’s fragile rural areas. Set in the Monti Prenestini, a rural territory one hour from Rome, the event marks the launch of the first Liminal Embassy in the area, the result of two years of collaborative work on mapping, digitalization, and projects focused on territorial identity. From June 27th to the 30th, members will convene to engage in workshops, hiking, enjoy meals together, and present their work and research. The Assembly’s goal is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and projects that address significant challenges in rural areas, encourage youth engagement in practical collaborations, and enhance the value of historical and natural landscapes through collective efforts.

The event also features the Landscape Challenge, in partnership with Landscape First, aimed at revitalizing the Sentiero della Costa, an ancient trail linking Castel San Pietro Romano with the Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia. By integrating land art, the initiative seeks to reconnect Palestrina’s urban identity with its rural surroundings. The goal is to create a network of trails that not only highlight the sanctuary and nearby mountain villages but also increase their appeal from an international and historical-artistic perspective, while simultaneously addressing the issue of depopulation through a cohesive approach.

Attendance is free for members, and applications are currently open.