Let’s go camping! Redesigning the AUTH University Camp

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“It is not only a site.
It is not only a ten-days holidays.
It is not only acquaintances.
Camping is a lifestyle.
It is something free.
It differs from people to people,
from experience to experience”.

This dissertation combines the idea of do it yourself and ephemeral living. The love and interest in minor scale construction, as well as the desire, which is inspired by summer for action, relaxation, carefreeness, led to choose redesigning of the student’s camp in Poseidi, Chalkidiki, in a different and playful manner, as this is a university campsite, and would be beneficial to have a more direct relationship with education.

The question that arises is why they decided to redesign this camp. Firstly, it is necessary for this student’s camping to be used not only during the summer period, but all year round as a facility of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. This idea can offer plenty of benefits to the students and the university for educational and non – educational purposes.

Presently the site is used only during the summer period, resulting in prevailing of bad conditions during the rest of the year. Consequently, huge effort is required to restore the camping site for its summer use. The designers personal experience in camping sites helped to design a more functional arrangement and uses for the site.

The desire to play led to the choice of geometries that are in part excerpts from the classic games of childhood memories. In addition to the above, a project extension in the future could be the construction of the same site by architecture students, as the assembly of all facilities is based on following simple instructions and using common materials.

The proposal is based on the division of the premises of the camping area in two sites, one for the tents and one for the caravans, oriented on a central axis, where all the common facilities are located. These facilities are located in smaller-scale geometric areas. In addition, different arrangements for the communal facilities (WC, laundry, kitchen, barbeque area, playground) have been designed, to cater the needs of the tent or the caravan area.

The design processes and the materials (trodden soil, metal grid, wood) are derived from the very nature of the place and give a sense of coexistence and inclusion with the natural summer landscape. The design goal is to create a space full of joy and playfulness with geometries which are inspired by classical toys of childhood. Furthermore, a suggestion is the construction of the structures be made by students–users, proposing them a challenge. The instructions are easy to understand, and the materials can be used or assembled by students of architecture or related subjects. A camping from students for students.

Project details

Design: Leda Demetriadou, Evgenia Malamoglou
Project Location: Poseidi, Chalkidiki, Greece
Typology: Student camp
Design year: 2023
Supervisor Professor: Spyridon Papadimitriou
University: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Polytechnical School of Architecture Engineering

Leda Demetriadou, Evgenia Malamoglou