Landscape Forum

When: April 28th – 29th 2022
Where: Astino Monastery, Bergamo, Italy
Website: Monastero di Astino

Bergamo, the green heart of Europe in the name of the landscape

Astino, winner of the latest edition of the National Landscape Award and of the Landscape Award 2021, will host the prestigious Forum on Landscape organized by the Council of Europe, on 28 and 29 April.

Twelve States will be present: Bulgaria, Finland, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland and Turkey.

The work will focus on good environmental practices that contribute to the well-being of citizens.

It will be the evocative setting of the millenary monastery of Astino, where the hand of man has dialogued over the centuries with the surrounding nature, transforming and enhancing it at the same time, to host on 28 and 29 April the works of the prestigious “Forum of national selections of the 7th Session of the Landscape Award of the Council of Europe”.

Two days of highly specialized studies organized in Bergamo by the Council of Europe in collaboration with the Ministry of CultureMiC and the Misericordia Maggiore Foundation of BergamoMIA, with the patronage of the Italian Presidency of the Council of Europe.
A Forum, this of the Council of Europe, which has identified in the monastery of Astino, part of the Regional Park of the Hills of Bergamo, the perfect venue for the event and which projects Bergamo to a leading role both nationally and internationally in landscape protection.

It is in fact thanks to the project promoted by the MIA Foundation – “Biodiversity within the city: Val d’Astino di Bergamo” – that Bergamo won the last edition of the National Landscape Award 2021 but also, representing Italy, the European 2020-2021 (Landscape Award of the Council of Europe) assigned by the Council of Europe. A recognition that rewards the Orobic city on the eve of Bergamo and Brescia Capital of Culture 2023 and which together projects it into a future with a European dimension with the presentation – during the days of the Forum – of an International Center for Studies and Research on Landscape which will be based in Astino.

To make the Astino Forum prestigious and highly qualified will be the presence of all the finalist states of the last Landscape Award which for the two-year period 2020-2021 saw Italy’s victory with the Bergamo su Astino project. The reason of great interest represented by the Forum consists in sharing the most enlightened ideas and practices developed by each State to improve the landscapes in which the populations live, in the belief that their enhancement contributes decisively to the well-being of citizens.