Interno Verde 2022 – Ferrara

When: September 17th – 18th 2022
Where: Ferrara, Italy
Website: Interno Verde

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Elegant Renaissance courtyards, medieval gardens hidden by high surrounding walls, small flowery oases of tranquility and domestic peace, Zen geometries and hedges’ mazes, magnificent centuries-old trees and unsuspected arboretums, hidden by the facades of the ancient buildings from the sight of passers-by: Ferrara jealously guards , within its historic center, a spectacular patrimony of private gardens. A heritage that will exceptionally open to the community thanks to the Interno Verde festival.

On Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September it will be possible to explore over fifty gardens, kindly opened by their owners. Secret islands full of suggestions and memories, through which it is possible to read the history, changes and experiences of the city.

The goal is to sensitize visitors to respect for nature, to provide a key to more deeply interpret the sense of the space that one passes through, to urge a more complete understanding of the past and greater awareness of the present wealth, which needs to be protected and promoted. For this reason, each garden will be accompanied by botanical, historical and architectural information, which will be available online in the interactive map of the event and in audio format, on Spotify. The same cards, accompanied by photographs, will be collected in a limited edition volume, as a tribute to those who register by Friday 16 September, enriched this year by an original collection of stickers.