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Felicitas, Goa is a breathtaking 3 acre property that brings one closer to nature as it nestles comfortably in its natural habitat. Meticulously curated landscaping elements, intriguing corners and enchanting vistas further enhance the timeless appeal of living in harmony with nature. With an invigorating seating space in the outdoors, the villa becomes a peaceful place to unwind.

The landscape design intent was to work with the existing natural fabric, setting it in a precise order. The waterscape is the spinal cord for the entire house, starting from a rivulet in the wall passing through lowered seats, a slide through the steps to replicate a bubbling stream and ending with an infinity pool.

Stargalaxy limestone is the material chosen for the entire project, accentuating harmony between the vegetation and the sculptures on the walls. The latter form the backdrop to the waterfall, capturing the sunset light, while the evanescent sculptures add an ethereal essence to the meditation space.

The landscape adds to the charm of the villa and gives the space an unparalleled feeling of earthiness and tranquility. The introduction of a lush landscape along with tiny and interesting nooks provides a comfortable environment for its inhabitants. The planting palette was kept in tune with the existing flora. Plants that attract birds and butterflies were carefully planted within the forest, to make it a truly mesmerizing experience. The west facing platform jetting out from the hill is the perfect space to enjoy the sunset Every detail in the landscape tells a story and weaves a memory. Through its exteriors, the villa becomes exquisitely wondrous.

Project details

Design: Kiasma Landscapes
Project Location: Arpora, Goa, India
Typology: Private garden
Built: 2020
Area: 12.140 m2
Principal Architect: Sowmya Lakhamraju
Photo credits: © Raveen Garikipati

Kiasma Landscapes

Kiasma Landscapes

Unique and innovative, Kiasma is a young landscape architecture and art installation studio with offices in Delhi NCR and Hyderabad. Landscape for them is ecologically healthy, culturally sensitive organic fabric with a life of its own, hence they constantly strive towards blurring the lines between the built and nature. Restraint is their secret weapon which enables to heighten the sense of space, form and texture in their works. They believe in creating didactic spaces with minimal design and maximum impact which in turn act as memory markers giving a timeless quality to the works.