The Future is the place where we project all our dreams. Often books, movies, stories and fairy tales portrait the future as an utopian fantasy, where everything is beautiful and we can all live peacefully together. Is it possible to envision today the world of tomorrow? Is it possible to take people into an oneiric dream?

Drops is an art installation, made of luminescent glazed drops scattered on Caorle’s cliff that absorb the light during the day and release it at night transforming a the defence tidal system into a
social and artistic infrastructure. A composition of colored drops recall the imprint left by the waves. During the day the installation looks like a mosaic, as a reminiscence of the nearby Venetian
tessellations, and at night it change completely, revealing a new and unexpected beauty, transforming the landscape into a dreamscape.

The drops are entirely made of glass, with a photoluminescent pigment that brings innovation to the most traditional material of the Venetian area. The artpiece is placed in the darkest spot along the reef, illuminating it, increasing the safety and amplifying the already extraordinary touristic value of the city. Drops is a new place of wonder, triggering the imagination of the people, aiming to stimulate the imagination of a better world.

Drops is a part of a biannual Artist in Residence program promulgated by Scogliera Viva – Sculpting the Sea and the Municipality of Caorle.

Project details

Designer: Cosimo Scotucci
Project Location: Caorle, Metropolitan area of Venice, Italy
Typology: Installation
Built: 2021

Cosimo Scotucci

Cosimo Scotucci

Cosimo Scotucci is an architect, artist, innovator, future driven thinker, he do ultimately consider myself a tomorrow’s maker. Through his work he want to contribute to a better, more democratic, resilient World. He believes in design, and its ability to completely subvert our daily reality, in functional scientific fiction, and the ability to imagine a better future; he believes in people, and in their ability to change and define new and better societies. Throughout pioneering ideas he aims to trigger the imagination of a new World.