Chernobyl Herbarium. Life after the nuclear disaster

When: March 11th 2022, 6:00 pm
Where: online on Zoom, with simultaneous translation into Italian and English
Website: Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche

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The discussion of the International Landscape Study Days on the theme “Abandonments. The landscape and the fullness of emptiness” continues with an extra meeting, starting with the suggestions of the volume “Chernobyl Herbarium. Life after the nuclear disaster“.

The appointment, in the light of recent and dramatic news stories, takes on a deeper meaning and expresses, once again, the need not to forget the history that preceded us.
Thirty-five years after the greatest nuclear catastrophe in history, Chernobyl Herbarium traces the legacy of this dramatic event with a narrative in which Michael Marder’s poetic fragments intertwine with the delicate plant frames of Anaïs Tondeur. Talking about life after Chernobyl, a place of abandonment where time has stopped, means thinking the unthinkable and representing the unrepresentable of an “exploded consciousness”, hence the narrative choice of the volume, by fragments, and a use of an image that gives as faithfully as possible the wounded soul: neither photographs nor paintings, but delicate images of irradiated plants, frames generated by the direct imprints of radioactive herbarium samples arranged on photosensitive paper.