Between hazel groves and orchards

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In the middle of the Monferrato hills, a family animated by the desire to be in contact with nature asks to mend this abandoned property with the surrounding landscape.
A new underground architecture is designed to host agricultural activities and to give more breath to the terrace in front of the farmhouse. The turf of the terrace above has been laid entirely on the slab.
All around, they designed vegetable gardens, orchards, hazel groves, olive groves and a 16 m long infinity pool. Like fireflies, the “Ramett” lights by Patrizia Pozzi, produced by Luce & Light, come on in the evening.
Clouds of grasses in variety, with extensive nature, combined with Verbena bonariensis and Echinacea purpurea, envelop the various terraces, restoring an overall vision without borders between new intervention and the surrounding landscape.

Project details

Design: Patrizia Pozzi
Project Location: Mombello Monferrato, Italy
Typology: Private garden
Built: 2017
Area: 16.000 m2
Design team: Patrizia Pozzi, Valentina Cardani, Caterina Garampazzi, Stefano Dentice di Accadia, Sabina Chiodi
Consultant: Ernesto Mistrangelo
Landscape contractor: HWStyle
Construction: Impresa Edile Patrucco
Photo credits: © Patrizia Pozzi, Stefano Dentice di Accadia, Valentina Cardani

Patrizia Pozzi

Patrizia Pozzi

Much more than an office of landscape architecture, it is an open space towards the street, and thus capable of a continuous exchange between our world of ideas and the outside real life. The office of Patrizia Pozzi is meant to be the expression of a perfect balance between architecture and landscape, including the urban space. The district of Milan where it is placed – Porta Venezia – is one of the most lively and vibrant of the city. The office adsorbs what happens around and gives it back enriched by new vibrant energy, being a natural element in constant growth, mutation and evolution.