A site-specific intervention conceived in Farm Cultural Park, a regenerated neighborhood located in Favara, Sicily, that has been transformed into a model community through artistic and educational strategies. The project pays tribute to the Mediterranean landscape through an olfactory and pollinator garden where several fragrances of aromatic plants coexist together.

One of the main objectives of the project is the engagement within the local context where the natural and cultural landscape of Sicily and the historical context of Favara have provided an excellent framework to develop the site-specific garden.

Conceived as an urban acupuncture that pays tribute to the Mediterranean landscape, the architect Ivan Juarez of x-studio has created a site-specific intervention in a public space of the Farm Cultural Park, a cultural complex located in Sette Cortili neighborhood in the town of Favara, Sicily.

The Farm Cultural Park is a community model that in recent years has positively transformed the urban and social tissue through artistic and cultural projects, where the inhabitants coexist among terraces, patios, squares and gardens, together with public art works, murals, exhibition spaces and educational spaces such as the School of Architecture for children.

The project proposes to recover a disused terrace through an olfactory and pollinator space where various fragrances of aromatic plants are mixed: lavender, thyme, rosemary, perovskia, sage and mints. Natural fragrances that attract diverse species of bees, butterflies and other insects, generating new ways to coexist with the natural environment, activating sensory experience and memory.

The intervention proposes a new approximation to the urban context through a living-lab that offers diverse experiences and creates connections between community and landscape. The relief of a moment’s escape or the chance of encounter with nature. The open space is linked by a white-line system, which functions as a conductive thread that weaves the space along the terrace. The system creates diverse layers and scenarios, generating a sequence of micro-landscapes that produce diverse textures, scents, sounds and scenes. The sensory experience of touching, smelling, observing and listening.

Project details

Design: X-STUDIO Ivan Juarez
Project Location: Farm Cultural Park, Favara, Italy
Typology: Temporary garden, pollinator garden
Built: 2018
Construction: Ivan Juarez, Attilio Di Salvo
Photo credits: © Ivan Juarez

X-STUDIO Ivan Juarez

X-STUDIO Ivan Juarez

Ivan Juarez is founder and principal of x-studio, a multidisciplinary research practice focused on exploring the relationship between art and function, integrating the disciplines of architecture, landscape, public design, environmental and public art. Through his practice he has produced a series of projects that explore the natural and built environment from a cross-disciplinary approach. A series of works conceived in diverse contexts and scales ranging from landscape and urban interventions to architectonic spaces, from public and environmental installations to urban and landscape strategies. These works have been created in different countries of Europe (Norway, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Portugal) North America (USA and Mexico), South America (Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina), Asia (Japan and Taiwan) and Africa (Senegal). Ivan Juarez is also the founder of Sensory Landscapes, a research lab and educational initiative which is dedicated to sensing the landscape through the conceptualization and findings of innovative methodologies for understanding the environment through sensory experiences.